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First Aid & Medical services at events
throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex & beyond

Senior Leadership & Clinical Specialists Team

Andy Segon

Managing Director

Registered General Nurse, Emergency Medical Technician (Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Care Technician), Medical Manager, Clinical Tutor

Andy has over 35 years experience in Event First Aid and Medical cover across a diverse range of events throughout East Anglia.  Examples include Norwich City Football Club, Norwich City Council events, the Royal Norfolk Show, Motor Sport (Bike/Car racing and Motocross), Carriage Driving and Village Fetes, plus much more.  Andy is also an experienced Event Manager/Planner and Clinical Team Leader .

As well delivering clinical skills at events, Andy has a proven track record in delivering quality clinical training for Event Medical teams, plus first aid training to members of the public and the commercial sector.

Matt Segon

Director (Logistics)

Event First Aider & Logistics

Matt qualified as an Event First Aider in 2016 and in 2019 has taken on added responsibility of being the company’s Logistics Manager.

David Mortimer

Clinical Advisor & Tutor 

Emergency Medical Technician (Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Care Technician), Medical Manager, Clinical Team Leader, Clinical Tutor 

David has over 50 years’ experience delivering first aid and medical care at a variety of events throughout East Anglia and beyond including, many years covering motor sport events (including organising the levels of medical cover required and liaising with the event organisers & other clinical grades) 

David has a proven track record in delivering first aid and clinical skills training to event medical teams plus members of the public and the commercial sector. 

David is our Ambulance Skills Lead. 

Michael Segon

Financial Consultant 

Event First Aider (Event First Aid – Intermediate), Event Officer, First Aid Post Team Leader 

Michael has over 60 years’ experience providing first aid cover at a diverse range of events throughout the region, Norwich City Football Club, Motor Sport and Village Fetes. 

With a banking qualification and accountancy experience in the commercial sector, Michael is now lending his support on a Consultancy/Advisory basis.