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A Wide Range Of Services For A Wide Range Of Events

We offer a comprehensive range of services that are suited for your events. Providing quality medical event services since 2016, we are poised with the knowledge and understanding to ensure your event is safe for all attendees.

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Sports Events

From Athletics to Zumba whatever your sporting event we can provide the cover that you need.

Our staff has covered events ranging from local school sports to national athletics competitions, including Norwich City Football Club.

Sporting event medical cover

County Shows

VTS Event Medical Services staff have provided cover at County Shows and Village Fetes.

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Corporate Events

VTS Event Medical Services can supply First Aid &/or Medical cover for your corporate events. We can provide hi-visibility event medical personnel or more covert if required.

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Equestrian Events

We have experience covering Equestrian events including Carriage Driving & Show Jumping.

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Club Medics

We can provide medical staff for your nightclub, casino, or other entertainment venues.

Having skilled medical staff on-site enables your Door/Security staff to concentrate on their primary role of securing your premises and preventing trouble.

Our staff can also ‘babysit’ customers until they are sober enough to be put into a taxi/friend’s car and taken home.

Having our staff on-site makes your venue more appealing to customers who realise that if they were to get hurt they would be looked after by professionally trained staff.

Some indemnity firms also reduce premiums for having medical staff on-site.

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From Concerts & Music Festivals to Rallies. Whether it’s a day or a week VTS Event Medical Services have got you covered.

Our Festival Medical Team can range from a small team of Event First Aiders to a full Health Care Professional (HCP) led team with onsite medical treatment facilities providing cover 24/7.

We can also provide the cover you need during the Set-Up and Break-Down period as well as the duration of the event.

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TV & Film Cover

VTS Event Medical Services can supply First Aid &/or Medical cover to the TV & Film industry.

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