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Medical Services

Occasionally within the corporate world, events take place that bring all those involved with certain organisations together. Whether it’s a Christmas Party, Business Milestone Gathering, or other corporate get-togethers. Corporate events can host hundreds of people, making on-site medical support an important part of the overall safety of your corporate event.

Do you need medical cover at your corporate event?

Whether or not you need medical cover depends on a variety of factors that will shape the presence and service we are able to provide. Firstly, you’ll want to find out whether any attendees suffer from pre-existing medical conditions that our medical team should be aware of. This will allow us to prepare the necessary equipment and provide the necessary support if needed. In addition to this important point, the scale of your corporate event will effect the amount of personnel required. We typically recommend one event paramedic per 

Medical services being conducted
Medical Emergency Response

Our qualified medical team is trained and qualified to provide the fastest medical assistance in case of accidents, injuries, or medical emergencies, ensuring timely care for those attending your corporate event.

Medical Evacuation Plan

When working with you to deliver a successful corporate event, our medical team will conduct a thorough analysis of the event premises, ensuring a quick and effective route is available to evacuate if needed.

Crowd Safety and Awareness

Promoting safety awareness among event staff and attendees, offering guidance on injury prevention, and managing crowds during medical incidents to maintain order and minimise the risks of escalation.

Life Saving Support

Event first aiders & responders provide advanced medical interventions and life-saving measures when necessary, including CPR, defibrillation, and airway management to stabilise patients until further support arrives.


Large Gatherings

Events with large crowds pose inherent risks of accidents or medical emergencies, necessitating trained medical support for swift intervention.

Physical Activities

Activities like sporting events or outdoor adventures increase the likelihood of injuries, requiring on-site medical assistance for prompt treatment.

Health Concerns

Events, where attendees may have pre-existing medical conditions or allergies, warrant the presence of medical professionals to address potential health crises effectively.

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