Event Nurses

Our event nurses play an important role in supporting the health and safety of attendees at various events. With their specialised medical training and expertise, they provide comprehensive healthcare services. These range from basic first aid to advanced medical support. Event nurses are well-equipped to assess and address a wide range of medical needs, offering immediate care and support in emergencies. Nurses enhance the overall medical response capability at events, promoting a secure environment and peace of mind for organisers and participants.

What does an event nurse do?

You’re probably wondering what an event nurse does and how they’d benefit your event. Nurses provide essential medical expertise and support across a variety of event types. The primary role involves assessing attendees health needs, administering medical treatments, and managing on-site medical emergencies. They’re fast at adapting and addressing a diverse range of health issues including injuries, illnesses and medical conditions. For example, at a sports event, they’ll offer immediate care for sports-related injuries such as sprains, strains, and concussions. As a whole, event nurses play such an important and supportive role, enhancing the safety at all event types and offering peace of mind to organisers and attendees.

Medical services being conducted
First Aid & Medical Care

Nurses are equipped to provide immediate first aid and medical care for injuries such as cuts, burns, sprains, and fractures. They ensure attendees receive speedy and appropriate treatment on-site.

Emergency Response Coordination

Utilising local connections, event nurses are able to collaborate with event organisers, emergency services and other personnel to coordinate responses to medical emergencies, facilitate patient transfers, and ensure seamless continuation of care throughout the event.

Medication Administration

Administering medications as prescribed, managing attendee and staff medication regimes and ensuring safe storage and disposal of medications as and when needed.

Health Screening & Prevention

Nurses conduct health screening such as blood pressure checks, glucose monitoring, and basic physical assessments to identify potential health concerns early and promote preventative care practices among attendees.


Immediate Medical Care

On-site event nurses are able to provide immediate medical assistance for attendees who experience injuries, illnesses, or medical emergencies during the even, ensuring timely support and preventing adverse outcomes.

Enhanced Safety & Well-Being

Having the presence of an event nurse allows event organisers to leave all medical responsibilities to a team of qualified experts like VTS Event Medical Services. This also promotes a secure environment and peace of mind for all participants.

Fast Medical Response

On-site medical nurses are able to act quickly and in accordance to their response strategy that they create prior to your event. This boasts the overall readiness to address medical incidents effectively throughout the event.

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