Event Paramedics

Event paramedics bring advanced medical care to your event. Our highly trained and accredited paramedics are equipped to handle any medical emergency, providing rapid response, assessments, and treatment at your event. With our expertise and dedication to event safety, we can ensure the safety and well-being of all staff and attendees. Delivering peace of mind to event organisers.

What are the Responsibilities of Event Paramedics?

Event paramedics are without a doubt the elite medical professionals needed at your event. Offering advanced care and expertise to anyone attending or working at your event. Our paramedics are trained to respond quickly to emergencies, conduct thorough assessments and provide specialised treatments. From administering medications to performing life-saving actions. Our event paramedics ensure the highest level of medical care is given, prompting a safe and secure environment for all around.

Medical services being conducted
Critical Care Transport

Event paramedics oversee the safe transfer of critically ill or injured patients to hospitals. Bringing specialised equipment and protocols to maintain patient stability during transport.

Advanced Medical Support

Our event paramedics are trained to perform advanced medical procedures such as airway management, intravenous therapy, and cardiac monitoring. Monitoring these and many other areas allow us to provide optimal patient care in critical situation.

Patient Assessment & Triage

Part of our role means we have to conduct comprehensive assessments of patients’ conditions, prioritising care based on severity, and initiating appropriate treatment plans to stabilise and manage medical emergencies.

Medical Equipment Management

Maintaining and operating advanced medical equipment such as cardiac monitors, defibrillators, and ventilators, maximising readiness for emergency use and correct applications during patient care.


High-Risk Events

Events involving high-risk activities like extreme sports or large-scale performances make event paramedics irreplaceable to ensure immediate medical response and specialise care I available.

Large-Scale Gatherings

Events with a significant number of attendees increase the likelihood of medical emergencies, making the presence of event paramedics even more important to aid medical support.

Complex Health Needs

Events catering to individuals with complex health conditions or special needs require event paramedics to address a potential medical crises effectively, ensuring attendee safety and wellbeing.

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