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Medical Cover

From thrilling music festivals to lively county shows, the appeal of festivals and events is undeniable. These celebrations and events bring people together, but with all the fun, loud music and excitement is an area that should never be overlooked, and that’s medical cover. After all, many kinds of medical emergencies can and do occur, some more than others. These can include but are not limited to, dehydration, sunburns, falls, intoxication and even cardiac arrests. We help you avoid these and maximise safety.

Benefits of festival event medical cover

VTS Event Medical Services provides professional medial support for a variety of festival and music events every year. From classical, jazz, rock, and other outdoor and indoor concerts. We support one day festivals to multiple days that involve camping. For larger events, our designated festival medical services team is able to setup and operate a range of cover, from field hospitals, ambulances, rapid response vehicles, control room cover and so much more to maximise the safety and wellbeing of your festival employees and attendees. The services we offer at music festivals allow us to safety treat patients on site more effectively than other medical companies. Ultimately meaning minimal impact on local NHS services and an improvement on attendee confidence, knowing medical support is just fingertips away.

Medical services being conducted
Large-Scale Music Festivals

VTS Event Medical Services are experts in supporting music festivals that attract tens of thousands of attendees over multiple days, featuring top-tier musical talent across a variety of genres. With such a vast crowd and energetic atmosphere, the potential of medical emergencies is heightened. From minor injuries to more serious and life threatening conditions. Our leading festival medical cover ensures a swift respond for all, minimising emergency escalation and seriousness.

Local Community Festivals

It’s not just the large-scale festivals that pose a medical risk, the small-town celebrations and local community festivals bring people together for a day of fun. Although these events are smaller in scale, they still require an appropriate level of medical support on-site to handle unexpected injuries or emergencies among employees, volunteers and attendees.

Outdoor Camping Festivals

Different to most, outdoor camping festivals require a unique experience, by combining both music and camping in a natural setting. VTS Event Medical Services offer 24 hour coverage, ensuring attendees are able to seek support whenever they need it most. Incidents that could occur are: cardiac arrests, intoxication, fights, inclement weather, overdoses much more. By having a reliable medical team on-site, you minimise the odd of a serious medical emergency.

Family-Friendly Festivals

Some festivals and live events are geared more towards families. While these events prioritise entertainment and activities suitable for families and children, medical teams should be on stand by to handle the unique heath needs of families, including paediatric care, first aid for minor injuries, and assistance for elderly attendees. All go hand in hand and maximise the safety of those present at your event.


Large Gatherings

Events with large crowds pose inherent risks of accidents or medical emergencies, necessitating trained medical support for swift intervention.

Allergic Reactions

Exposure to allergens, such as certain food or animal bites, can trigger allergic reactions ranging from mild to severe, requiring immediate treatment by medical professionals.

Health Concerns

Events, where attendees may have pre-existing medical conditions or allergies, warrant the presence of medical professionals to address potential health crises effectively.

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