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Motorsport events are exciting, high-speed events that tend to draw large crowds and participants from all over the country. However, the same elements that make motorsports exciting, fast-paced and thrilling are the same reasons motor-sport events are high risk. The safety and well-being of drivers, crew, and spectators are extremely important, making the presence of dedicated medical services essential to the success of your motorsport event.

The benefits of motorsport medical cover

Utilising a reliable event medical service provider for your motorsport event is crucial in a medical emergency. Here at VTS Event Medical Services, we have experience managing motorsport events up and down the country. We provide on-site first aid, advanced life support, and rapid response capabilities, allowing us to attend to trackside injuries. We understand that every motorsport event is unique, which is why our medical services are tailored to the needs and requirements of your event.


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Medical cover at motocross event
Rapid response vehicle event medical services
Car Racing

Car racing involves high-speed driving in an intensely competitive environment which alone dramatically increases the risk of high-impact collisions and severe injuries. Complex track layouts with sharp turns and pit crew areas that are hotspots for increased accidents that likely require a professional medical response.

Motocross (MX)

Motocross events take place on rough, uneven terrain with large and challenging jumps which we’ve seen lead to falls and serious crashes. The physical demand of the Motocross (mx) sport can also lead to dehydration, exhaustion and other injuries that require speedy medical attention. Lastly, the second the gate drops, riders are elbow to elbow with most crashes happening on the first corner. Event Medical providers are able to be in the right place at the right time to attend those involved in the event of a crash or injury.

Off-Road & Adventure

Off-road and Adventure racing typically occurs in remote locations with challenging terrain, hazards and sometimes extreme weather. Off-road and Adventure events can typically take several hours or days to complete, meaning around-the-clock medical response is vital for the success and safety of everyone involved.

Go-Karting Events

Despite being smaller, go-karting events are typically high-speed, leading to an increased risk of high-impact crashes. With a variety of ages taking part, instant attention to medical emergencies is vital. Some Go-karting tracks also feature very tight and twisty bends, leading to more impacts and potential race accidents.


Live Motor Events

Events with large crowds pose inherent risks of accidents or medical emergencies, necessitating trained medical support for swift intervention.

Physical Activities

Activities like sporting events or outdoor adventures increase the likelihood of injuries, requiring on-site medical assistance for prompt treatment.

Health Concerns

Events, where attendees may have pre-existing medical conditions or allergies, warrant the presence of medical professionals to address potential health crises effectively.

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